Volunteer Work Ecuador Amazon Tribe

You want to take part of our special project in an Amazon Tribe of the Ecuadorian Rainforest ? The beautiful Tribe, that is called “House of the Jungle” in local kichwa language, will receive you in their community and you will help them in their projects and take part of their diary life. Volunteer Work Ecuador Amazon Tribe.


The Tribe is located only 40 minutes from Puyo at the entrance of the Ecuadorian Amazon on the way to Macas. You will help the community members survive in their Amazon environment and fight against the Oil Companies and against Illegal Deforestation of the Ecuadorian Amazon. The money you’ll pay to volunteer with the tribe is for the lodging, for community projects, education of their children and for maintenance of the facilities. Thanks to you, they could increase their life level and avoid the exile to the city. Volunteer Work Ecuador Amazon Tribe

We recommend you to Speak Intermediate Spanish to have the best experience in the Tribe. Learn Spanish in Ecuador we’ve special Homestay Spanish Lessons in Quito.


Volunteer Work Ecuador Amazon Tribe


– Construction Projects
– Helping with the Children
– Agriculture Projects
– Translations for Tourists

For 2 weeks – 175 $US /person
For 3 weeks – 225 $US /person
By Month – 275 $US /person

We ask you to pay a deposit of CHF 50 /person by Paypal to Book your space.

The minimum time in the project is 2 weeks.

You will pay the rest directly to Roberto the responsible of the project in the tribe, the first day. It’s in US Dollar because in Ecuador it’s the official currency at the moment.

– Meeting in Puyo (bus terminal)
– Lodging in the volunteer huts (with mosquito nets)
– Kitchen with Gas
– Activities and experiences into the Tribe

– Taxi to the Community (~10$)
– The meals (you need to take your own food to cook in the kitchen)
– Transports from the Tribe to Puyo (if you want to get out during the weekends)

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Volunteer Work Ecuador Amazon Tribe

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